Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just in time for Valentines Day!!!!

New designs:

Listen to Slayer shirt
I also tried to make a "Listen to Air Supply" shirt, but it was copyrighted. WTF.
My bed is only open to winners. shirt

And this is my favorite part of that shirt -


  1. I know you are a year older now Ambah and I've read your post. I fret at your anger...your anger towards us Breeders, us hetero's.

    I'm hear to tell ya...alls not lost yet for ya. Put down Stienam. Put dow n Friedan. Put down Dworkin. You've got time...35 years old is usually the turning point, the point that one says...oh F'it...I'll just git me a girlfriend, play for the udder team, and beg jeremy for a basterload-full so we can have some kids.

    Here for ya for ya...

    The King

  2. I wore a pink dress shirt today and got a zillion compliments...from women. What's the deal with that? Would be a good topic for guy week.

  3. Kev,

    I walked around all day with my dick danglin' out of my zipper...nobody said a g'damn thing.

    Tomorrow I'm puttin' a bobber on it.

    The King

  4. You joke, but that damn near happened to me the other day. No foolies.

  5. Scott from dorkland9:56 AM, February 08, 2008

    Unrelated to this post. Just so you know, I no longer tuck my t-shirt in and I tuck in my dressier shirts. Keep the good fashion advice coming!! I need it. Heck, I just learned what "black boy shorts" are.


Hopefully it will work out in your favor.


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