Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're making a book trailer today!

After I saw this about a year ago - 
the idea of a book trailer has been stuck in my mind. Probably the biggest reason for this is that if I have done nothing else during my years of Minneapolis, I've met a lot of really fun, creative, and entertaining people whom I would love to torture and publicly embarrass on a public forum for my own personal gain. But also, the idea of using different mediums to both promote and sell books is something that fascinates me. All of my writing is heavily influenced by music and it kind of makes sense to incorporate music and film when sharing that writing, right? 
Since this book trailer debuted, however, there's been a lot of chatter about book trailers in general. Some of the book trailers that have been recently produced are both interesting and entertaining in their own right.
Like this one- 

As with every big, unexpected success in the entire world, you're going to find 50 billion other people who assume they can also copy that type of success. Which, don't get me wrong - there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If we took the attitude that good ideas shouldn't spread or be replicated, we wouldn't have fire, right? The worst is when people who know nothing about how social media or trendsetting works assume that an author should just make a video and then BOOM! A billion book sales. Or when people make one just to make one, and thus subject their audience to a totally boring 5 minute video that tells you absolutely nothing new about the book, much less entertains or grabs your attention (hint: No one wants to watch a video that only comprises of an image of your cover and you reading the description of the book aloud. WTF.)
But if you have a really fun idea (or a lot of fucking money to burn), why not, right? Because that's the whole point of this whole writing thing, isn't it? You do it because you love it. And doing something really fun with rad people that will help you continue to do the thing you love...there's a whole bunch of wins right there.
So today we'll be traipsing around downtown, getting footage for a book trailer that will be at once beautiful and uplifting, heartwarming and hilarious, glorious and inspiring...or, even better, bite-sized and super dorky. I'll try to post some pictures and updates through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, so if you'd like to be in on all the dramatic action, you can follow along here and here.

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