Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monsterbeard : Last night I got to that part in Storm of Swords

Monsterbeard : Last night I got to that part in Storm of Swords:

And nobody told me. Nobody freaking told me and I was really upset and wanted to keep reading to see if it was a trick but it wasn’t a trick. And it was the middle of the night of course so I had to hold it all in.

I’m glad nobody told me but I kind of wish when I had started the series someone would have said “Hey, listen, don’t do this to yourself. There are too many pages and too many characters, and too many die and there’s nothing you can do.” Why don’t we tell people that when they say they’re reading Game of Thrones?!

Like with most popular books (Harry Potter, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, etc), I'm purposefully late to the game with The Game of Thrones (I have this weird thing where I don't like to read a popular book that everyone else is reading because it kind of feels like participating in crowd hysteria, so I like to wait until the fury has died down and then I'll pick it up, read it in peace, and then bug everyone else with my old news about how good it is). In fact, I just started it last night! The reading of this book comes after a viewing of the last half of the first episode about a year ago (all I seem to remember, though, is that everyone in the realm seemed to really like doing it from behind. Seriously. There were, like, three sex scenes back-to-back where everyone was doing The Quarterback. Which, curiously enough, is only talked about once during that specific part of the book - and abstractly, I might add - so I wonder if maybe the writing team at HBO is predominantly male, maybe?) and after reading an article about how, as a writer, you can't let yourself get too close to your characters, aka Martin.

So I knew people were gonna die. And yet I was still upset when it started to happen. Not too upset, however, that I'm going to stop reading it. And especially not now, because now I have to see what it is that happens in Storm of Swords that made you so upset, Monsterbeard! Now I have to get to that part and figure out what you're talking about! Don't you see? NOW YOU'VE JUST MADE IT WORSE WITH YOUR CURSED FORESHADOWING!

I bet you guys can't even wait until I start The Hunger Games trilogy!


  1. I read the first four over the summer. First was very good, second was dreadful, fourth was okay. The third is one of the best books I've ever read. Brilliant book.

  2. I know exactly the part in Storm of Swords that Monsterbeard is referring to. I actually tossed the book across the room in a fit of rage when I got to that part. I wasn't prepared for what happened, it totally upset me, and I haven't returned to the book since. I decided to take a break that has now lasted over a month. I'm not sure I have forgiven George R. R. Martin.

    I enjoyed the first two and a half books, but everyone I know who has read the series says the 4th book is a drag. So I'm really not in any hurry. Plus, the 5th one just came out, which means another decade will probably pass before #6 is published.

  3. Also, the Hunger games came out AGES ago. The fervor will only get worse now that the movies are coming out. I assume you'll be reading them in 2020?


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