Monday, February 20, 2012


Christopher is taking me to my first ever WWE Raw. 
I am excited about this because:
 A. Wrestling is a ridiculous spectacle. It's like thee-ah-tah for a more..."down to earth" crowd. Or a soap opera for body-builders. Back in the day, when I tended bar at The G-Spot, we used to watch WWE once a week, marveling at the amazing acting and torrid story lines. This stopped, however, when they started working out an ill-conceived "She said I raped her, but really she's lying to pit me against my arch-nemesis" storyline. Since picking it up again (aka, last night during a Pay Per View party), I have not witnessed any other similarly offensive storylines. 
B. The Miz of MTV Road Rules and Challenge fame will be performing tonight, which will support my huge pop-culture geekdom. Also, he's awful. 
C. One of the wrestlers, CM Punk, started a Twitter war against Chris Brown last night and basically challenged him to a match. Which makes me happy, since nothing would give me greater joy than to see Chris Brown get punched repeatedly.

D. Chris loves wrestling for all the right reasons. And while I'm not a big "Oh, if you're into it, I am now TOTALLY into it, TOOO!" kind of girl, it's fun to pair something that I liked a little before with something that he likes a lot now. Also, it's really fun to see him having fun. So! It's gonna be fun.

Also, in case you guys didn't know, packing and unpacking, organizing and reorganizing, negotiating keep-or-get-rid-of, and cleaning and arranging can be really fecking stressful, boring, and tiring, even when you're doing it with one of the funnest guys on earth. So. Tonight we're taking a break. And buying ourselves a Miz t-shirt. And possibly going to try to get on camera with ridiculous antics (aka, I'll eat a hot dog and the camera will pan to me stuffing my face, as has happened 4 out of the 7 times I've been seen on TV).
It'll be raw. 


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Hopefully it will work out in your favor.


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