Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy shit. You guys are awesome!

As of 5:17 pm, we are at 461 downloads of HOLIDAY CHICK.

That's 461 downloads just in ONE DAY. A day that's not even over yet!

AND, in just today, we jumped from #745 to #361 in the "Top 100 Free In Kindle Store" rankings on Amazon. In the "Top 100 Free Literary Fiction"? We jumped from #19 to #17 in the last hour!

We are so close to cracking that Top 100 overall list. SOCLOSSSSSSEEEEEE!

And yes, Virginia (aka Dan), if we crack a top 20 spot in the Top 100 Free In Kindle Store rankings, I will gladly publicly submit to your dares/humiliate myself in your honor. I'm not going to offer up ideas of public humiliation - you guys can come up with your own mode of torture - but seriously, if HOLIDAY CHICK gets that high up the list, I'll gladly make a total and complete fool of myself for the entire free nation of America.

Or I could also "reward" you with an awesomely choreographed dance to Total Eclipse of the Heart, which would not be embarrassing at all because it would be a beautiful and moving expression of emotions!


Regardless, though, you guys melt my face off with your awesomeness. Thanks, pals. 

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