Monday, April 23, 2012

This is called kicking my own ass.

Day 1 of 2nd Draft Apocalypse on ALL THE THINGS. The stacks on the left are finished and ready for editing. The stacks on the right need to be revised or proofed to move into 2nd draft status.

 For every two stories I finish, I either get a half hour of Pinterest, a half hour of my favorite TV programming, or an hour of reading. All stories need to be on the right side of the table by noon on Sunday (super ridiculous bonus points if they're done by midnight on Friday so I'm free and clear for Saturdate).

After the whole stack is finished, they'll be dropped gratefully into my editor's lap for corrections and comments, and then 3rd Draft Post-Apocalyptic Rebuilding will begin.

So! See everyone in about a month, when I finally come up for air...

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