Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vote or Die. (you won't really die. Who dies if they don't vote? People used to die *because* they voted, but I don't think anyone died because they were too lazy to *not* vote. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Please vote.)

So for a while now I've been thinking about submitting a talk for Ignite MPLS. Why?


A. I love hearing myself talk, and what better place to do that than on a stage with a microphone and captive audience?

B. I got some shit to SAY!


C. Big fucking goals are surprisingly motivating when it comes to putting your big girl panties on and actually going out for stuff you've only hemmed and hawed about before.

So I came up with two talk ideas. The trouble is, I like them both equally and can see either being totally fun to do while also capable of dropping some knowledge in unexpected ways. With submissions due on Sunday, I gotta decide soon so I can get my proposal in and then anxiously await either soaring triumph or crushing defeat.

So I want you guys to vote on which one you like more. Ready? Here's the short pitch for each one:

Talk 1: In Defense of Earnest (Or, Why Twihards Will Be the Ones To Save the Community Rec Center)
What we miss out on when we're 2 Cool 4 School. 

Talk 2: Pizza Parties & World Peace: Let's Do It, You Guys.
How we can harness the power of pizza parties to change our communities, and ultimately, the world.

Please vote for Talk 1 or Talk 2 in the comments! And thanks in advance for making my hard decisions for me.


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  2. #2 is speaking to me. Definitely #2. Although I have to admit #1 is intriguing as hell.

  3. I'm feeling #2 also. World peace > rec centers.

  4. Still a little concerned this may result in my own peril, and my favorite food truck kicks off the season this Saturday (I *have* to be there), but I'm voting anyway...

    #1 all the way. The following terms come to mind: Innovative! Topical! Whimsical! Creative!

    #2 is certainly aligned with your stated love of monster goals (2,000,000 books sold?), but I don't think you could bring the audience from Point A to Point B in 5 minutes. Just my $.02.

    Either way, I'll be there. Got my tix this week!

  5. Thanks to all who voted! You guys are freak-frackin' awesome!


Hopefully it will work out in your favor.


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