Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Called Gratitude, Day 16

Word on the street is that the strippers at Rivers Edge look like this. Which means it's either going to be the awesomest thing ever, or the ladies are going to have to get really, really drunk before they're gonna want guys like this to strip. Which might actually be the most genius thing of all...whoa. Nice play, Rivers Edge.
In case you didn't realize, the title of this series is lifted from a Beastie Boys song.

You know, just in case you haven't caught on to HOW EFFORTLESSLY COOL I am.

It's effortlessly cool to point out how cool you are, right?

Yeah. I knew it.

Anyway! Day 16:

Today I'm grateful for:

The Safety of Karah & Jeffrey.
Around noonish today, I slid into the chair at my kitchen table and kind of absent-mindedly scrolled through Twitter. All of a sudden, I noticed a series of tweets reporting that there had been a shooting at the Target Retek building. I flew off my chair and ran into my bedroom to get my phone, and rapidly texted Karah and Jeff, two of my best friends in the world who both work at Target HQ downtown, to see if they were okay. Two seconds later I got a text back from Karah telling me she was okay and barricaded in an office with others, and three seconds later I got a text from Jeff saying he was fine and hanging out in a storage space with coworkers while the police swept the building. And then I kind of wept a little bit with joy and relief, because that's just the kind of thing you do with stuff like that when it's happened before and hasn't turned out as awesome, yeah? Based on the last reports I heard, the police didn't find any evidence of a shooting - apparently it was a loud duct pipe bang that prompted five people to call 911. A., Better safe than sorry and B., thank god.

A Kick-ASS day of momentum.
You know those days when you just have it? When everything is rapid-fire and things are coming together and you're making connections and progress on stuff you didn't even mean to? Yeah. That's what this afternoon was like.

New totally awesome connections. 
Sometimes, the universe provides the thing that you've been asking for, and it does it in such a seamless way that you just have to sit back and go, "Whoa." Which I did. Because it was awesome.

Hunting Opener /Hunter Widows Weekend.
I gotta spill it - I feel the same way about winter in Hayward as Honey Boo Boo feels about the Beauty part of's so booooorrrrrrriiiinnnngg. But for one beautiful, sparkling, crisp weekend, the town is jam-packed with happenings and everyone is out and in good spirits and ready to have a blast. If you look at it the wrong way, Hunter Widows Weekend can be kind of like a dicktease - have a super awesome time and then get ready to be super bored for the next four months! - but I prefer to look at it as an opportunity to store up the kicks so you can at least stick out the next few months of soul-crushing winter quiet.

My friend Sonia is coming up for the weekend! She is literally on her way as I write this. Which means that we're either going to have a nice chill evening of catching up in front of the fire with a bottle of wine or we're going to be dripping in Bud Light tap beer and musky male stripper sweat come bar close.

Stay tuned to see how it all shakes out...!

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