Thursday, December 27, 2012

The most amazing online profile picture in the entire existence of the universe.

It's the white leather jacket...the way it's open, like he's too casual to be bothered to zip it up but not too casual to go without popping the collar...and the way he's standing, like, "Oh, just having my morning cup of joe and by the way have you seen my abs?"

And the background...THE BACKGROUND...

Who of you out there can superimpose a picture of me onto a background of constellations like this? Because I feel like my life is just not going to be complete until I have one. HOW CAN I APTLY BRAND MYSELF, EVERYBODY, UNTIL I HAVE A PICTURE OF ME THAT LOOKS LIKE I'M A WHITE UNICORN THAT TOOK HUMAN FORM AFTER I FELL OUT OF OUTER SPACE AND INTO THE FRONT OF YOUR CAMERA?  



It's like my whole life has been building to this moment. Everything I've done, I've done only for this...

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