Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday NIGHT!

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I have the awesome honor of being a presenter at the December edition of Nerd Nite Duluth on Wednesday night, Dec. 19th.

This whole gig came out of a little Twitter conversation a couple months ago - my buddy Kyle had just announced the launch of Math Is Hard, and we got on the topic of being up here and kind of missing/needing a local nerd herd. Kyle "introduced" me to Jeremy, one of the guys on the ReMakers Mark podcast and one of the co-creators of Nerd Nite Duluth. I was thrilled. I was even more thrilled when Jeremy and I learned that we already had a number of friends in common, thanks not only to my Okoboji/Riverside camp days and his Youth Ecounter days (a lot of people who worked the Bible camps I worked at went on to work at Youth Enounter), but ALSO because I went to India with Youth Encounter and he went to Africa with Youth Encounter. In the same year. So we were both at the same closing ceremony/presentation night thing without even knowing each other back then.

Sorry if your mind just exploded.

So anyway, I'll be giving a presentation entitled, "You're Okay, I'm Okay: How To Find Love & Acceptance For Those Who Love Vampires That Sparkle In the Sun Like Diamonds."

Which might sound familiar to some of you...

Last night I finally gathered up the courage to watch the video of my Ignite talk (and boy...if I ever need to remind myself of what it feels and looks like to crumble under pressure, I'll just watch that again). I did so to remind myself of the things that I wanted to change with this presentation - like, don't be married to my notes, let the slides lead the way, relax and take your time (not having to time the slides and keep within 5 minutes should make that a lot easier and reduce panic attacks induced by the pressure to get all of points in and have them correspond with the slides), and have fun with it. I usually love public speaking, and I'm pretty a-okay with it (I mean, not to brag, but...I won a decent number of speech competitions in middle school with my original oratory topic, "The Importance of Freedom"...even then I understood the brilliance of calling it in), so I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back up on stage and improving upon my last performance.

And, I'm also building my power point with a lot of cheesily awesome fan art. So if nothing else, at least people will be entertained with that.

So if you're in the Duluth area, you should totally come tomorrow night! There's going to be games and an ugly Christmas sweater contest and other totally awesome presentations and it's a room packed with nerds so there's no way to get any better than that.

Believe it. 

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