Monday, January 28, 2013

Look What We Made For You Guys!! (Meditations For Villains)

Meditations For Villains
The other day, while getting stuff ready for the (re)start of #30DaysofMeditation, I had an idea to make Meditations For Villains, which is a riff off of “Affirmations For Skeletor” (I emailed the creator of those to seek permission to use them for our #30DaysofMeditation group and blog posts, and she never got back to me. So I decided to just expand on the idea and make some of my own, then.). I wanted something that was nerdy and fun, to show that meditation could ALSO be nerdy and fun. I recruited my friend Jeremy of Nerd Nite Duluth and Remakers Mark Podcast fame to help me with the project, and we decided to use the villains from films and cartoons that we grew up with as kids and still love as adults. I got super psyched about using my girlhood crush/womanhood object of lust, Jareth from Labyrinth, as the first villain, and BOOM. Now you’re not only learning more about meditation, but you also get to stare into Jareth’s evil hot face while you do so!

And his crotch. We're probably going to have a picture of Jareth and his crotch up soon (psst, Jeremy! Let's get a picture of Jareth and his crotch up there soon!). Because like, whoa.

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  1. Believe me, I've been looking for a good crotch shot. They're harder to find t than i expected.


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