Friday, January 04, 2013

Perhaps you even found this blog by Googling the key search words "cool wolves" or "wolf pics" or even "cool wolf pics."

Here at An Amber-Colored Life, we have a long and storied history with wolves.

Cool wolf pics.

Wolf warriors.

Wolves bred with unicorns, called Magistical Wolficorns (which are also now featured on assorted fine products):

Art Work Courtesy of Tony
Motivational Wolves.

 More particularly, with mystical wolf shirts.

 Sometimes, our journey with the mystical wolf hasn't always been harmonious. In fact...there was a period there where...god, it just feels so crazy now, to think about it...where we almost broke upWe even went on a break for a little while, to get right without ourselves first before we could come together again. And it hurt...for a really long time. 

But we got over the hurt, the pain, and the separation, and I'm happy to say that we're in a much better place now. And our love for each other grows every day. And it's a different, more mature kind of love... the kind that isn't possessive. Isn't selfish. The kind that is secure and wants to share this love with others.

And thanks to David Wratchford, I realized yesterday that this isn't just my journey with the mystical is the world's.

Need proof? Just check out these reviews on this Amazon page for The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee (tip: it also glows in the dark. And yes, I can get you one at a store in Hayward).

I will ignore the references to hipsters, and simply enjoy the fact that the power of mystical wolves seem to now be taking over the world.

You're welcome, world. 

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