Thursday, January 03, 2013

Which do you guys like better...

Fake Surprised Face #1?

Or Fake Surprised Face #2?

Either way, I was pretty non-fake excited to get my copy of May Cause Miracles in the mail today.

After Spirit Junkie pretty much changed my life, I started listening to Gabby's lectures like they were Top 40 hits...and her Spirit Junkie guided meditations? Kick ass. For a really long time, I had been looking for a guided meditation that wasn't set to cheesy music or filled with a bunch of unnecessary talk, and Gabby's guided meditations were it (I cannot wait to see what the May Cause Miracles meditation album is like).

Here's the deal - Gabby's like that really cool upperclassmen chick in high school that your dorky freshman self idolizes from afar, until you find yourself sitting next to her in an AP class and find out that she's super nice and fun, to everyone, which just makes you admire her even more. And then you find out that she actually has the exact same problems as you, and struggles with getting that cute boy to like her just as much you struggle to get that nerd boy sitting behind you in class to like you (whom you will later find out is actually gay, but you don't know that yet and so you're still trying to bond with him over The Hobbit) which makes you just like her even more, because now she's like, relateable and stuff.

That's Gabby. She's super fucking cool, and she's gonna make you feel super fucking cool, too.

Also, happy.

Like, genuinely, authentically, vibing-with-the-universe-cause-I-get-this-shit-now happy.

If you're kind of interested in this whole meditation mess...maybe seeking something a little deeper when it comes to the spiritual stuff...kind of want to learn a little more about what this "manifesting" gig is all about...then Gabby's your gateway. Truth and testament. There's a lot of great people out there that I consider to be my teachers and will gladly recommend to friends and clients when it comes to this particular jam of mine, but Gabby's the first and favorite one that I everyone, no matter where they are with this stuff. Because even if they don't dig all the spiritual stuff, chances are they'll still dig her.

Also, she's hot.


  1. We read alike. I'm halfway through Spirit Junkie… it's fantastic, and she's amazing!

    1. We totally do, Erin! Have you dug into anything by Marianne Williamson yet?


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