Monday, February 18, 2013

Friends! Former lovers! Present enemies! Reading at Angry Catfish on Feb. 26th!

Jesse Daniel
Please come to the Angry Catfish in Minneapolis on Tuesday, Feb. 26th, for Espresso Yrself: Words + Music + Caffeination + Bikes!
 Life's too short not to Espresso Yrself! Join us for a reading founded on a love for words + music + caffeination + bikes, at one of the prettiest bike caf├ęs in the Twin Cities. Get yr fix, bud.


Nasir Sakandar
Aaron Thomas Smith (Minneapolis Musette)
Katrina Wollet
Amber L. Carter (Author of "Holiday Chick")

Music: During our intermission, hear Andrew Ranallo (of acclaimed MPLS band Nallo) perform new songs.

Angry Catfish will staff the cafe so you can purchase your favorite hot drink for the reading. (Tip yr barista!)

* This event is curated by Write Yrself Clean. For more information, contact Katrina at
I'm really excited to be a part of this inaugural event for Write Yrself Clean. I'll be reading a story or two from my new book, all the things you never knew / certain things you ought to know, and will be then heading out to the after-party at Triple Rock Social Club afterward...because all I ever really want to do with my life is be a part of the kind of events that have after-parties.

I think it's even in my diary somewhere... "Dear God, when I grow up I want to be a part of the kind of events that have after-parties. And also, please don't let me die a virgin. Okay, thanks, love you, Amen!"

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