Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I'm Okay, You're Okay - Nerd Nite Podcast, Episode 3

This is the presentation I gave to Nerd Nite Duluth back in December! It was seriously one of the most fun experiences of my entire life. Thanks again to Nerd Nite Duluth for having me, and thanks to Math Is Hard for putting my presentation up as one of their podcast episodes!

Please enjoy, and if you like it, please show some love and support for Nerd Nite and Math Is Hard by sharing it with your friends!

And yes, I am currently available to present talks and/or workshops on topics relating to pop culture and nerdom at any and all professional events, private parties, as well as weddings and anniversaries (and family reunions, provided that they feature luncheons of fried chicken and potato salad.).

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