Friday, March 01, 2013


This past weekend my pals Katy, Sonia, Paulson, and Ang came up for what was the best Birkie EVER.


* Hanging out with Danielle, my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who was up for the weekend with *her* friends. After emailing back and forth for months, finally meeting and getting to hang out with her in person wass awesome.

* The Moccasin on Friday night. Usually The Moc is kind of a scary skank fest, but on big weekends like this, it can be really fun. I got to crank that jukebox full of Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins tunage, Paulson took awesome pictures, we met a suuuuuuuuuper cute bearded guy who was really freaking cool (too bad nobody who talked to him outside remembers any of the important specifics needed to track him down again), and we kept it chill and fairly sober so that we could get a hold of it the next day. Success!


All of us! Also, my phone camera sucks in dim light.
* We decided that our theme song for the weekend was "And We Danced" by Macklemore, because A. We all want to do him, B. The lyrics fit the weekend, C. I got cockblocked big time on Saturday.

*Getting to watch the race from our kitchen windows was ridiculous. We switched it up by going outside for a while to watch from Angler's patio and mingle a bi and then coming back up to the Penthouse to warm up, etc., but being able to wake up and watch the race from the comfort of my own home with a homemade bloody mary in hand? SO AWESOME.

* Molly and The Danger band played in the (place-formerly-known-as) Pavilion on Saturday afternoon, and it was SO FUN. A huge crew of my favorite Northwoods people showed up, and we danced like fools all afternoon.
Katy, on the snow-paved Main Street on Friday night.
* The Cheaters played the BEST covers in the world on Saturday night at the BIGGEST annual Post-Birkie Bash at the Sawmill Saloon (sorry, Telemark - no one wants to see you do well more than I do, but it was shady of you to try to promote your Saturday night event as the biggest  - and what was up with trying to make it sound like it's an annual, established event? That was deceptive, and not cool - when you KNOW that Cindy's already got the lock on that, and has for years. Next time let's concentrate on throwing support to others in the area instead of trying to steal business away). I'm going to be following them all around the Northwoods from now on.
Ang, defiling the virgin snow with her slick dance moves
* Paulson pushed a guy into the snowbank on Saturday night. Apparently, the story goes that she struck up a conversation with a guy outside and asked him where he was from. He made some smart-ass reply, so she pushed him into a snowbank and then just turned and walked back inside.

And it's stories like that that makes me love her.
Me, getting in some lunges because physical fitness is important
* the4onthefloor killed it once again. It's hard to explain, but every time they play up in the Northwoods, I get really excited and sort of oddly proud when I see people who have never heard them before totally fall in love with them. I know they're bigger than a "local" (as in Minneapolis) band now, but. It's still really fun to see them play outside the cities and still completely bring down the house based only on their awesome music and not just their established rep.

* Speaking of...Gabriel and Sonia and I are all Twitter pals, and since we had a sober bus and my place is stupid big, we told the band they should stay with us so they didn't have to drive 50 minutes to where they were originally going to stay. And they did (except one), and it was awesome. We already knew that Gabriel was super nice, but the other guys were way, way cool, too, which we probably wouldn't have learned if it hadn't been for that.
Sober bus!
 So! Proof positive that sometimes all it takes is renting a sober bus and making a snap decision that your mom would probably frown upon for you to get to know some awesome new people!

All in all, it really was the biggest, best Birkie weekend ever. Thanks to everyone who made it so! Already looking forward to next year...;) 

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