Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Miracle Week.

It has been quite the past week in the Amber Colored Universe.

(Yeah. I'm calling it that now.)

To recap:

Two weeks ago, I fractured my tailbone. Super painful. What I didn't tell you guys was that the day before I did it - Friday - I had just completed my first full workout at CrossCut CrossFit and had signed up for my first month. So breaking my tailbone the next day and essentially being out of commission for the next two weeks? Just the cherry on top of the Suck Sundae.

THEN, last Sunday and Monday, I was having some issues with my laptop. I kept getting a message that the space on my hard disc C was running low...so I removed some programs, deleted some files, etc. Still kept getting the message. I tried to defragment, but ironically, the space on my hard disc was too low to run the defragmentation (I don't know how that works, I just know that that's stupid). So, being incredibly bright, I decided to compress some files to make some more space. My laptop stopped responding, so I tried to restart it. When it turned back on, it went immediately to a blank screen with the message "BOOTMGR compressed. Ctrl + alt + delete to restart". Which I did, only to see the same message, because my laptop couldn't boot up again.

So on Tuesday I took it into Complete Computer Solutions. They said they would take a look at it for free and tell me if it was able to be fixed or not, so I brought it into them. And waited. And waited.

It was interesting to me, how I had put off writing the past couple weeks, and then my laptop goes on the fritz and suddenly all I can think about are all the things I want to write and how I wish I had my laptop so I could write again for hours.

Message received, universe.

But this was the part where I'm grateful for the perspective that a regular meditation practice has helped me build - I knew I had a choice between getting super stressed and frustrated about it, or looking at it as a sort of forced vacation and focus on finding ways to relax and enjoy it. So I caught up on movies, went out to my parent's house on the lake and hung out with my mom for a few days, did a little spring cleaning, amped up my meditation practice, etc.

On Wednesday I hit "send" on what has thus far been the biggest book order of my career. I was blown away by the response to the presale... and to finally be able to check the production of this book off my daily To-Do List - after a year of it consuming my life - felt really, really great.

On Friday morning, I was feeling spry enough to try another workout at CrossFit. One of my trainers made a comment about me finally showing up again, and I laughingly told them the story about fracturing my tailbone the day after I had completed my first full workout there and how one of the worst things about the injury was having to miss out on two weeks of my first month there. To my delight and surprise, they later told me that since I had had to miss two weeks of my first month and they would be gone during April (a trainer would still be there, but most of April will be reviewing skills instead of learning new ones, which is what I would have been doing the past two weeks that I missed) my next month would be free.

THEN, a few hours later, I got a call that my laptop was ready. I rushed over to the place to pick it up. Melissa, the receptionist, handed it to me. "You're all set," she said.
"How much do I owe you guys?" I asked.
"Nothing," she replied.
"Wait...are you serious?" I asked.
"Yeah. Craig said not to charge you for it. Can't argue with that, can you?"
 Uh, no. No I can't. (But I can be super grateful and post a glowing recommendation on Facebook, which I did).

Then, as I was getting back into my car, I received an new email from my client: one of the more reputable and respected production companies in L.A. is interested in developing a show around him. Which I am not even going to pretend isn't a big freaking deal - it's the thing that we've been working toward since the moment I started working with him, and it happened in all the right ways. I'm actually jumping on the phone today to share more of an "outside" perspective on my client, and I can't wait. What a total adventure, right?

So yeah. It was a big week. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by how things work out in the end...especially in the past 9 months. I don't think anyone could say that this has been an easy stretch...but it's kind of been a miracle year, in the way that things have sorted themselves out. Just when I think I'm on the brink of disaster, something clicks into place and makes that moment a miraculous thing. About a month ago, after an initially stressful situation turned out to be a huge blessing, I told myself that I would never doubt again that the universe has my back. This week - or, more specifically, Friday - definitely illustrated that again.

And I haven't even gotten into this past weekend yet. 

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