Friday, August 16, 2013

Goodwill Tour of Main Street

On Wednesday my friend and fellow Girl from the Nothwoods chick Meg and I went on a little stroll down and up Main Street, telling local businesses about the Dapper Dozen Calendar and giving them some handy information on how they can be a part of it (HELP US GET THIS THANG PRINTED, YOU GUYS, SO WE CAN HELP FEED SOME KIDS!). When we were done with our Goodwill Tour of Mainstreet, we decided to stop in at Riverbrook Bike & Ski to say hi to our January Calendar Man, Tim, and to do a little research on bikes and helmets (for further reasons for doing this, you can check out this post).
And then we saw this helmet.
It did not fit me.

(We know this because we tried, many times, to make it fit)
Maybe Tim can order one for me in Adult Lady Size…
And then I can forever be known around town as That Totally Rad Lady Riding Around In A Unicorn Helmet.
Which basically means that all of my dreams will then have come true.

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