Monday, December 02, 2013

LEGO, why are you so bad?

When it comes to the socialization of girls and boys, I know some stuff (because college). Because of this, my friends know that I make it a point to praise my niece-by-proxy, Mae, more for being smart and funny and brave instead of just telling her how cute she is all the time (even though she is SUPER cute, and all the time).

For the most part, though, I don't get all uppity about the whole pink and princess stuff, because I feel like…girls should be able to have all choices available to them. And the more we vilify the pink princess stuff, the more we inadvertently reinforce the idea that girls can't just like what they like: They need to like what WE think they should like.

(Also, I distinctly remember being 3 and absolutely refusing to wear anything but dresses, because in my formative quest to understand the differences between girls and boys, I was convinced that if a girl wore pants, she wasn't a real girl. And I cared very, very much about being a real girl. (for the record, these were preferences that I came into on my very own. Pretty sure my dad would have much preferred a rough and tumble girl, and a grudging acceptance of pants would have saved my mom many a nightmarish morning).

But what I'm not okay with is blatant sexism.

Like, I said, I want girls to have all choices available to them, but this is just straight up bullshit, LEGO. And until you stop making stuff like this, you bet your pink ass that I won't be buying LEGO stuff for any of my kid pals. Because you can do better. And you should do better.

The End.

WAIT! I almost forgot to give this to you:


Editor's Note: This was brought to my attention by the awesome @emoeby. Follow him.

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  1. Ha, thanks! It's just frustrating that this crap never changes.


Hopefully it will work out in your favor.


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