Saturday, January 04, 2014

I do these thing for you guys, you know. And you probably don't even appreciate it.

In an attempt to defend truth and righteousness, I got myself into a bit of a Twitta Battle last night. 

So around January 2nd, this happened:
Then, I noticed that some dude had decided to replicate the hoax with a Freaks & Geeks revival, and that some of my Twitter buds were falling for it. 

Which, I mean, I get. Freaks & Geeks is pretty much one of the best shows EVER. I would totally back a Kickstarter on that shit. 

But since I knew it was a hoax, I called it out: 

And then I offered them proof based on the above:

And then the best thing ever happened: The guy behind the hoax tried to tell me it was real.

So then I was like, 

And then he was like, 

and I was like, 

And then I found this on his feed, proof that he engages in "insanely fucking epic twitter stunts"...probably, you know, to impress his imaginary girlfriend. 

The End. 

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